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Welcome to Optimum Health Studio


Leeds Pilates, Personal Training and Yoga like no other! Lose weight and feel great with without long boring hours of exercise. Optimum Health offer the best in weight loss programs, Personal training and  Yoga. 


Our Weight Loss program and Personal Training will soon have you looking slim, losing weight and burning off unwanted belly fat, helping you to look great get back into those clothes and have all your friends asking...


"How you do look so good?!"


Your desire of becoming belly fat free,lossing weight and looking slim and trim is closer than you think with our Personal Training, and Kettlebell sessions and weight loss program.



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"Excellent customer service - this business deserves to do really well"

Angela. de-S - Leeds

"If you want results then I would definitely recommend talking to Mike and getting a programme together at Optimum Health studio"

David.H - Leeds


Debbie.C - Leeds

"Mike offers the right amount of encouragement and support to make sure you do achieve your goals."

Jo W - Leeds

"My overall fitness has improved considerably since I started to train properly by signing up with Optimum Health"

Katy P -York

"Mike was fantastic. He is great at explaining and supervising us to make sure that we are doing it right."

Leonila. W - Leeds

"fab offer have enjoyed it do much I have joined for 3 months....."

Lesley.W - Leeds